József Vida: The Hungarian four-in-hand – Onside leader, Offside leader, Onside wheeler, Offside wheeler

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„While writing this book, I realized how undocumented one of Hungary’s most successful sports is. Since humans are not immortal, we are in a race against time. We do this because many of the greats of the sport are no longer with us, and many of the legends alive today are getting of age. I have undertaken no less a task than documenting and preserving the otherwise soon-to-be-forgotten history of carriage driving, the Hungarian driving style, the Széchényi reins, which has become almost a Hungaricum, the traditions, the virtuosity, the competition results and the stories. To help me do this, I have called on the ones who shaped and witnessed the sport, to authentically tell the still living history of four-in-hand driving in personal interviews for this book.”

József Vida

Be published: 30.08.2021.
Page number: 372
ISBN: 9786155417764

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